Some of Our Latest Projects


Site Prep - Davis CA

A beautiful building and parking lot on what had been undocumented fill through the stabilization efforts

Shop Pad and Driveway - Wilton CA

Even small jobs like driveway extensions and pads for new buildings are no problem for us!

Re-Decking Flatbed Trailer - Loomis CA

This flatbed trailer needed an overhaul.  We were able to respond quickly and complete our clients project under budget!

Custom Fab - Rancho Cordova, CA

Our client needed custom cargo boxes fabricated for their plumbing service truck.  We were able to knock these out in the shop and deliver them quickly!

Mobile Welding - Elk Grove CA

This excavator was in need of some serious dental work at a recycling plant in Elk Grove.  We were able to make the repairs on site and save our customer a substantial amount of $$.

Parking Lot Excavation - Elk Grove CA

Over-excavating 3.5’ to engineer for a stable parking lot.



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